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What is Picolris?

Everyone wants to look like their best selves. Unfortunately, skin tends to be unpredictable because even if you’re sure you’ve done everything right, it can break out unexpectedly. When you struggle with dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by acne or other skin conditions, your confidence tends to take a big hit.


Fortunately, medical aesthetic treatments have long been proven to tackle even the most stubborn skin concerns. Especially Picolris laser treatment is one of the best treatments available. Whether you’ve always wanted to smooth wrinkles, fade acne scars, or rejuvenate your skin overall, this treatment is ideal for you.


What is Picolris?

Picolris laser treatment is an advanced cosmetic skin procedure. It uses picosecond technology, so it doesn’t just rely on heat to revitalize the skin. It is very safe and very effective for tattoo removal. This treatment is effective in treating pigmentation problems such as freckles, discoloration and sunspots. It’s also great for smoothing out wrinkles and lightening acne scars.


The treatment is non-invasive, so unlike traditional laser treatments, it greatly reduces any skin damage. You’ll experience fewer complications after treatment, which means you won’t have to worry about scars, burns, or other similar side effects. Due to its precision, it is suitable for all skin types, unlike many other laser treatments.


How is Picolris laser treatment different from other lasers?

The main and most beneficial aspect of the Picolris laser treatment is that it has a shorter pulse duration, making it faster to treat. They work even faster than Q-switched or nanosecond lasers, the leading laser technology and remedy before the creation of the Picolris laser.


Because the Picolris laser can dispense shorter pulses, it takes less time to more fully address skin concerns than traditional laser treatments. Although it depends on the severity of the condition, receiving microlaser treatment usually means less treatment time and a shorter recovery time. Thanks to the fast, brief pulses, there is little discomfort during the treatment.


What are the benefits of Picolris laser treatment?

Picolris laser treatments are capable of treating a variety of skin problems, offering numerous benefits for those looking to improve their appearance. Whether it’s laser scar treatment or acne spot treatment, it quickly and easily addresses the most common and stressful skin concerns.


tattoo removal

One of the unique advantages of the Picolris laser treatment is that it can effectively and safely remove tattoos. While the use of laser therapy to remove tattoos is nothing new, since Q-switched lasers are primarily considered the gold standard for tattoo removal, the Picorris laser method has taken it to the next level. The treatment uses picosecond technology to release large amounts of energy in a short period of time, breaking the tattoo ink into tiny particles. With this treatment, the risk of thermal skin damage is significantly reduced.


Treat acne scars

Another advantage of the Picolris laser treatment is that it is an effective way to lighten acne spots. Since acne is still a common skin problem, laser scar treatment has become a very popular and in-demand method all over the world. Its scars are notoriously difficult to reduce or remove because they are often discolored, elevated and resistant to many treatments, so most people have been asking for an effective solution. Fortunately, the Picorris laser can treat acne scars. The picosecond technology it uses breaks up dark spots and reduces its appearance. The result is a smoother skin texture and a more radiant complexion.


skin regeneration

If you never need to remove a tattoo or struggle with the occasional pimple or two, you can still benefit from a Picolris laser treatment. It provides an effective skin resurfacing treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking appearance. Because it stimulates collagen production in the deeper dermis, your skin will take on a more youthful appearance. It’s also a great way to reduce dark circles around the eyes because it breaks down the pigment into small particles.


reduce melasma

Sun exposure is known to cause hyperpigmented spots on people’s faces. Sometimes, it can lead to a common skin condition called melasma, which occurs when you have discolored patches on your face. It can also appear on your shoulders, forearms, or neck if you spend a lot of time in the sun. However, women with dramatic hormonal changes due to pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, or birth control pills can also develop melasma.


Fortunately, Picorris laser treatment is a surefire way to treat this condition. It targets the discolored area directly without damaging the surrounding skin, making it an effective treatment for even the most severe skin


Melasma cases

Side Effects of Picolris Laser Treatment

Due to its flexibility and safety, pico laser treatment has few side effects. The short and brief pulse ensures that only the necessary energy output is deployed, which makes it safer for all skin types. However, lowering the output density may result in more treatments and it is always worthwhile to avoid side effects as much as possible.


However, if you experience pain, blistering, scarring, or bleeding, be sure to consult your local aesthetician to adjust your treatment as needed. You may benefit from shorter pulses and lower output density.


In conclusion

Picosecond laser technology offers many benefits to those who want to improve their appearance in a reliable manner. Hyperpigmentation problems are notoriously difficult to fix, especially given their multiple causes. Thanks to the advanced technology of Picolris laser treatment, people now have an effective, safe and fast way to achieve a brighter complexion without worrying about harmful side effects.

Post time: Sep-20-2022