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This is the best laser hair removal machine in the world! ?

Any informed customer interested in laser hair removal knows how many different options and machines are currently on the market.

There are several different machines with different advantages and disadvantages. Generally, if you have darker skin, you won’t go anywhere without an Nd:YAG laser machine. If you have fairer hair or skin, you’ll be looking for a Ruby machine. The process of checking which machines each salon has is nerve-wracking. Add some clinic/salon greed to the mix, which often doesn’t tell their clients the whole truth or outright lies about whether their machine is right for them, and we’ve got the perfect cocktail for clients to despise laser hair removal forever.


At the Laser Club, we know this has to change. We want to offer everyone the possibility of being hair-free. We know there must be a way to provide the best possible results for all of our clients. After months of research, we found the perfect machine.

Its cooling technology makes the entire experience virtually painless – even relaxing, according to our clients. Its larger head size allows us to treat customers faster and more efficiently. Extensively customizable settings ensure that we provide the best treatment for each client individually.


But what really made our choice was its three-wavelength technology, which enables the best laser hair removal results on any skin.


How does it work?

Tri-wavelength technology means we get the best results on all skin types. Our machines are able to adjust the wavelength (and other settings) to target specific hair and skin types. Let’s take a look at each of them:


Alex 755nm

775nm provides excellent hair removal for all skin types and provides maximum melanin absorption, synonymous with alexandrite laser wavelengths


Diode 808nm

DIODE 808nm is truly the best in the business when it comes to diode laser hair removal. DIODE 808nm has impressive power, deep penetration and average absorption for any skin type. Perfect for treating arms, cheeks and legs, its moderate penetration targets the bumps and bulbs of hair follicles.


YAG 1064nm

While YAG 1064nm has the lowest melanin absorption, it contains the greatest penetration and depth of any laser, making it effective for darker skin types. Great for underarm and pubic hair removal, its exceptional depth and penetration targets the roots of the hair.

Post time: Nov-21-2022