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UMS Sculptor VS CoolSlimming What is the different?

If you’re interested in body contouring but aren’t sure whether UMS Sculptor or CoolSlimming are best for you, then we can help. In this guide, we explain the key differences between UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming, detailing how these body sculpting treatments can make you look slimmer, trim and sculpted. Whether your goal is to remove excess fat bulges or build muscle tone, we’ll walk through each treatment step-by-step to clarify its benefits. This should help you choose the right treatment to produce the best results based on your own body goals. 


Body Contouring with UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming

UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming are two leading non-surgical techniques. As two of the world’s leading body contouring procedures, they give patients the opportunity to improve their body shape without surgery or downtime. The FDA has medically approved both treatments as safe and effective. Each treatment is also thoroughly tested in a series of clinical trials to verify its efficacy.


UMS Sculptor VS CoolSlimming Body Sculpting

Benefits of UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming

Patients can achieve a leaner, leaner body with these treatments without resorting to an intensive exercise regimen or restrictive diet. Even with a healthy, active lifestyle, it is often difficult to get rid of stubborn fat or build muscle tone.

Separating fat loss or muscle toning can also be challenging with standard techniques like dieting and exercise programs. Problem-prone issues like belly fat, belly fat, bra fat, or sagging hips are often difficult to resolve. But with UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming, these areas can be strategically isolated and positioned. This can help people accelerate muscle building and fat loss in a more efficient and results-oriented manner.


UMS Sculptor vs CoolSlimming: What They Do

The main goal of each treatment is slightly different. Therefore, depending on your own physical needs, you may wish to use one treatment over another. Or you might want to use both to target different body contouring goals. Our trained clinicians can advise you on the best approach during a detailed consultation with you.


Purpose of each treatment:

CoolSlimming: removes fat without downtime, non-invasive

CoolSlimming is widely known as the ultimate gold standard when it comes to non-surgical fat loss. It is ideal for intensive body fat removal as it targets stubborn fat in different body parts from the chin to the stomach. Using its advanced fat freezing technology, it reduces the visible subcutaneous fat bulges that often make us look distorted. Think about the fat that can accumulate around your double chin and belly. As one of the best cellulite removal treatments in the world, it is especially suitable for people with an above-average BMI.

UMS Sculptor: Muscle Toning and Fat Loss, No Downtime, Non-Invasive

UMS Sculptor is ideal for those who want to build muscle while benefiting from fat loss. Building muscle is the key goal here. Patients can add new muscle mass while exercising and shaping existing muscle fibers, making them more defined. Through its advanced electromagnetic technology, it stimulates thousands of muscle contractions while encouraging muscle tissue remodeling. This process also promotes fat loss to a certain extent. But UMS Sculptor is suitable for a narrower target body area such as abs, legs and buttocks.


CoolSlimming and UMS Sculptor – how do they work?

CoolSlimming: Freeze Lipolysis:

CoolSlimming reduces unwanted fat through a process called cryolysis (or fat freezing), which puts fat cells at extremely low temperatures to break down and destroy them. During treatment, subcutaneous fat tissue crystallizes over time before the body processes the broken down cells. The CoolSlimming machine uses a cooling cup to target a designated treatment area to cool the skin in a controlled manner, permanently killing fatty tissue without harming surrounding muscles and nerves.


CoolSlimming Fat Freezing

UMS Sculptor: Electromagnetics:

UMS Sculptor utilizes HIFEM energy (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) to penetrate muscle mass and stimulate muscle growth. It induces super maximal muscle contractions in a more intense way than exercising in the gym. A 30-minute workout has the same impact as 20,000 manual sit-ups or squats. Muscles are then forced to remodel and come back stronger, increasing muscle mass and losing fat at the same time.

UMS Sculptor Muscle Building

UMS Sculptor with CoolSlimming: Treatment area

CoolSlimming leads the way in the number of body areas you can target. Patients can remove stubborn fat from the buttocks, abdomen and thighs, while also contouring their face with a double chin treatment. CoolSlimming Treatment:

Submental area (double chin)

  • Thighs
  • abdomen
  • flank
  • bra fat
  • back fat
  • Under the buttocks (banana roll fat)
  • Upper Arm (Bingo Wings)
  • While UMS Sculptor can build muscle

While burning fat, due to the unique shape of its applicator, it can only be done in the following FDA-approved areas. It can treat:

  • “Ab” (abdomen)
  • Arms (biceps and triceps)
  • leg (calf)
  • Buttocks (gluteus maximus)

UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming: Therapeutic Lessons

A typical CoolSlimming treatment takes 35 to 60 minutes to complete. Two courses of treatment are usually sufficient. But if the patient wants to target more than one area, then we may recommend up to 6 treatments spaced 1 month apart for best results.

UMS Sculptor treatments are short, about 30 minutes. However, patients need at least 4 sessions, 2-3 days apart, for best results.


UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming: Ideal Candidates

CoolSlimming is ideal if you have significant fat bulges or fat stores that are difficult to move that won’t change even with exercise. It is also suitable for people with a higher body mass index, including those considered overweight or obese.

UMS Sculptor is more suitable for patients who wish to redefine and shape their body while achieving a more toned and toned physique. This therapy is ideal if you go to the gym a lot but want to increase your earnings. For example, patients with pinchable excess fat around their six-pack or calf muscles are more likely to benefit from UMS Sculptor.

So, if your goal is to visibly remove fat, choose CoolSlimming’s permanent fat loss treatment. But if you want to improve muscle definition while slimming, the UMS Sculptor is more suitable. 

UMS Sculptor and CoolSlimming Results

In just one treatment, patients’ subcutaneous fat stores were reduced by 27%. As the body metabolizes crystallized fat cells, fat removal can take weeks to manifest. Most patients see visible results within a few weeks. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight loss, these will last indefinitely.

UMS Sculptor reduces fat storage by an average of 19% after 2-4 weeks of treatment, so slightly less than CoolSlimming. But it does a great job of building muscle. Patients experienced an average 16% increase in muscle mass in the target treatment area. Many patients witness a firmer and more sculpted physique around 4 weeks after completing their last treatment.


UMS Sculptor  with CoolSlimming

For patients looking to maximize muscle gain and fat loss, UMS Sculptor now offers a new and improved version of its classic treatment called UMS Sculptor Neo. After 3 months of treatment, this treatment resulted in an average increase of 25% in muscle mass and 35% in fat loss. This makes it ideal for those who want to get the most out of it without any surgery, effort or downtime. However, CoolSlimming or the classic UMS Sculptor may still be preferable, depending on the specific body area you want to sculpt.


Combination therapy

Patients achieve their best results when they combine the two treatments. If you have a range of areas of your body that can benefit from losing fat and building muscle, there are huge rewards for using both techniques. Use CoolSlimming first to reduce fat storage in hard-to-treat areas. Think banana rolls under the hips, fat or bra fat in the breasts and double chins – basically, areas that cannot be treated with UMS Sculptor or UMS Sculptor Neo.

We can then utilize UMS Sculptor to increase muscle strength in the core body areas that people care most about, such as the abs and glutes. When you mix these intensive treatments together, you can shape and shape your body in a more strategic way. 

That’s why these treatments are so popular for those concerned with strengthening their bodies in a safe way without the need for invasive procedures like liposuction. Over 8 million CoolSlimming treatments have been performed worldwide, and UMS Sculptor is performed over 3,000 times a year in the UK. So if you need a trusted and sought-after body sculpting treatment, then UMS Sculptor, UMS Sculptor Neo and CoolSlimming are great options.



Post time: Apr-12-2022